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October 2016

Pumpkin Patches & Pretty Pictures

Posted in Fashion
on October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Hope your holiday’s full of candy & spooky fun 🙂

This past Friday my roommates and I made a little visit to one of the pumpkin patches here in College Station, and made a little shoot out of it! (Shoutout to Akash for taking all of our pictures- check out all his photos on his blog!)

I’m seriously obsessed with pumpkin as a color, and after seeing it accentuated in all of our photos, I feel so inspired to get out and pick up some pumpkin accents to feature in more neutral outfits. Here are the outfit shots!


I love the look vertical stripes give- it gives a little bit of an elongating effect, and the contrast between the navy and white stripes on this top really make it pop. I threw on some black jeans, flat Chanel-inspired espadrilles, and some gold accessories to make for a super cute & actually comfortable outfit. I’m obsessed with this necklace right now, too! Not going to lie, I thought I was totally over the whole Kendra Scott trend, but I saw this necklace this past weekend at Nordstrom and the stone just caught my eye. I couldn’t stop staring at it, so I took it as a sign that I needed it in my life. Isn’t it funny how that happens? Get yourself one here!

Now for the fun part!! Check out some of the pictures we took today- we had so much fun & they turned out so so cute.


The wonders a camera can do, am I right? Have a great week!!

It’s Sweater (Dress) Weather

Posted in Fashion
on October 28, 2016


I’ve had a pretty uneventful week this week! The calm before the storm next week- so many things jam-packed into 7 days- my anniversary, my ring day, and my rink dunk!

Today’s outfit is super simple but perfect for this time of year. I’ve been loving the look of these long beaded wrap necklaces, so I thought I would try to feature it in an outfit!


Loving the way all the earthy tones work together! So fall, so cute, so comfy. 🙂 Have a great weekend!! See you Monday 🙂

Black is the New Black

Posted in Fashion
on October 26, 2016

Hello friends!! Hopefully y’all are enjoying the FINALLY cool(er) fall weather here in Texas as much as I am. The day the temperature dropped below 80 degrees I deemed it was appropriate to break out my sweaters and boots. Just kidding… but not really.

I always get a little too excited when a new season rolls around, to the point where even if the weather’s not cooperating, you can count on me to dress according to what I decide what season it should be.

Anyway, let’s get into today’s outfit post!


I bought this coat last season at Nordstrom from their Brass Plum line, but for some reason haven’t been able to find a way to style it at all. It tends to run just a tad baggy, so I paired it with some leggings tucked into boots to balance the look out a little.


I wanted to stick with a mostly black/monochromatic look, but broke it up with a splash of cream & a metallic grey- this way it’s not too plain, and makes the look a little more everyday.



If you recreate this outfit send me lots of pics! Hope all of y’all have a great rest of your week. Kisses from College Station!

Fun at the Fair

Posted in Fashion
on October 24, 2016

This past weekend my boyfriend and I took a trip back home for the first time in about a month and a half. Mainly to see my family, but of course we had to stop by the fair for the last weekend it was in town! Here’s everything we did + what I wore for our date at the fair.


I’ve been in love with my High Key Quay x Desi sunglasses in Rose Gold!!! I usually think Ray Bans are a little too small for my face and aren’t super flattering with my face shape, but this pair seriously is perfect. I’m so so tempted to grab the black and the blue ones too. Decisions, decisions.


I’ve been loving the denim-on-denim look lately. On this day I was going for cute comfort, and wore a super breezy denim shirt with my light wash jeans. This crossbody was perfect for taking to the fair, because it was just big enough to carry my essentials but still compact. Plus, I get a little paranoid at big public events like this so it’s always a good idea to keep a crossbody that I can always have on me and not have to worry about carrying on one shoulder or in my hand.



Can’t go to the fair without getting some funnel cake, am I right?



Games + rides on the Midway are always my favorite parts of carnivals and fairs. So much fun!!


Had to stop by and say hi to Big Tex! (Sorry for the poor quality, you know how iPhones can be.)


Pretty sunset in Fair Park.


I had been dying all day to get a corn dog and finally got one right before we left. Yum yum yum. 🙂



After our state fair adventures, we stopped by Shake Shack to grab a bite to eat. The last time I had Shake Shack was a little over a year ago in NYC so it’s safe to say I definitely enjoyed it!

On Saturdays We Tailgate

Posted in Fashion
on October 22, 2016

For those of y’all in the South, Saturdays in the fall mean one thing and one thing only- COLLEGE GAME DAY! I always stress about what to wear, and 80% of the time always find myself scouring every boutique in town for a cute maroon dress or top for game day. If any of y’all are the same way, I’m here to save the day!

I thought it would be fun to put together a few outfit ideas so that y’all could get some inspiration for gamedays, or even just in general! My school’s color is maroon, but if your school has a different color you could always take the pieces I feature and just find something similar in your school’s colors.

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