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November 2016

The Art of Dressing the Part

Posted in Fashion
on November 28, 2016

img_1024Being that I’m only a little over a year away from graduation, I’ve finally had to come to terms with the fact that it’s time for me to start adulting… (I’m crying too.)

With becoming a REAL grown-up comes having professional grown-up clothes. I struggled a lot the past few years at career fairs searching for internship because I’ve always thought of business professional attire as being stuffy, itchy, and boring- but it really doesn’t have to be! There are actually a ton of ways to style business professional clothes by incorporating your own style without looking boring. I’m hoping to share a few of my business-professional/business casual outfit ideas with y’all, because I know sometimes I need some inspiration too!


I found this dress at TopShop and paired some super simple black pieces with gold accents to go with it. When it comes to business wear, my rule-to-live-by is keep it simple. I usually try and stick to one focus color, and two neutrals to complement it. This way nothing looks to busy & it makes it so much easier to pair outerwear.


I love this pair of heels to go with dresses when your toes want a break from being crammed into a pair of pumps. Plus, I wear these all the time with casual date outfits too- they’re so versatile, it’s such an essential!


I also LOVE this Tory Burch bag- it comes with a detachable strap, so you can wear it as a clutch or a crossbody bag. I personally think carrying it as a clutch totally transforms the look. If you find a bag that has a detachable strap, you basically have a two-in-one!


Like I said, it’s important to keep it simple! I paired this outfit with two delicate gold bracelets- they add a nice touch without being too much.


Hopefully this outfit gave you some inspiration- let me know what you think!

My Favorite Black Friday Picks

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on November 26, 2016

fullsizeoutput_24eeHi friends!! So I know today’s not going according to my posting schedule, but I did want to get this post up for you all ASAP- I’m sharing all of my Black Friday holiday shopping picks!! Most of these sales run all the way through until Monday, and some will go on for even after that- so if any of y’all see something you like, be sure to run out and grab it!!

I personally didn’t end up doing TOO much damage this Black Friday- which, trust me, is a rare occurrence- but I did find some pretty sweet deals! Let’s get into it!

We have an outlet mall here in Dallas that’s actually super close to my house, around 15 minutes away. After stuffing myself full of yummy goodness on the night of Thanksgiving, we headed straight over to the outlets! It was insanely crowded, and I ran into about 75% of my high school (don’t you love when that happens?) But I ended up leaving with some cute stuff!

**Note: I wasn’t able to get photos of everything for y’all just because the lighting wasn’t cooperating with me at the time, and the sun began to set before I could shoot pictures of everything! But I will do my best to include screenshots of the items with links in case y’all wanted to go get some for yourself 🙂

At the outlets I really only bought things from 2 stores- Kate Spade & the GAP.

I’m not a HUGE fan of Kate Spade, but I was need of a few new bags just for everyday use- I’ve been using my Longchamp like crazy since I got it, and I wanted to mix it up a little! I was looking for a more functional bag- something nice and roomy with easy access, and I found just that!img_9482

This purse came out to only $95 after tax- definitely a steal in my book! I know a lot of y’all may not have access to an outlet mall, so in case you’re not able to run to the outlet, be sure to shop on their website or their regular in-line stores! They always run some pretty sweet deals, and if you’re a student they always have their 15% off student discount, which you can stack on top of other discounts. At the outlet, Kate Spade was offering 70% off– so for those of you lucky ducks who have access to the outlets, definitely stop by!

I also grabbed these two bags while I was there- I seriously just couldn’t pass them up! The one on the left was $30, and the one on the right was a little more- gift for my mommy! I also got a ton of little accessories for only $9 each. YES, $9 EACH. Insane, I know! They were so cute too, but since I wasn’t able to shoot pictures of them all, I’ll do my best to leave the links! You’ll definitely be seeing them in my future outfit posts. img_9498img_9508Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.40.37 PM.pngGap Factory is doing 50-70% the entire store. I’ve been searching for a trench coat for the longest time, but this is the first one that I’ve found for a decent price that fits me well. I found it at GAP, for only $28- CRAZY. FYI: if you’re ordering online, they do run true to size! Get it here.

At Gap I also grabbed a few pajamas- all pajama pants are on sale for only $10, so I definitely had to take advantage. Gap is also doing additional 40% off clearance.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.43.48 PM.png

Then on actual Black Friday, I went to the Northpark Mall in Dallas & shopped for a good part of the day. Here are the best deals I found:

At H&M, they really weren’t offering too many great deals, except for a few pieces of the Black Friday Collection spread throughout the store. All I ended up getting is this glittery bodysuit that I thought would be perfect for holiday parties, and a white blazer- you can never have too many blazers!

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.37.29 PM.pngUnfortunately the bodysuit’s sold out in the glittery color now, but they do have the black one for only $5!! It’s a nice quality, and at that price heck yes I’ll take it! They also don’t have the white blazer I found in store for $15 anymore, but if you have an H&M where you live stop by and check!!

At Northpark we also stopped by Tory Burch, and they’re doing 30% off all purchases over $250. Tory Burch rarely ever does sales, so of course I had to take advantage! Here’s a few of my favorite picks from the store:

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.47.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.47.28 PM.png

Keep in mind that you CAN stack the 30% on sale items… just saying… 😉 Get them here.

Banana Republic also has a ton of great deals right now! They’re offering 50% off 5 items- keep in mind that this is the biggest discount they offer all year long, so if you love Banana definitely take advantage while you can. For those of y’all who aren’t super familiar with Banana Republic, they have some really awesome classic pieces, and really great wardrobe staples. My boyfriend swears by their jeans. Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 4.50.05 PM.png

How cute is this coat?! 50% off 5 items with code “BRFIVE”- get it here.

Last but most definitely not least, Nordstrom! Nordstrom’s offering 20% additional off of their sale items. It takes a little bit of digging, but they have some pretty awesome stuff on their site. Here are a few of my favorites!

Cheers to sweet deals, am I right?! I hope y’all find this useful & end up picking up some great steals- Black Friday shopping is and always has been one of my favorite times of the year. I’m definitely a bargain shopper, so I love a good deal. Happy Black Friday weekend & Cyber Monday, I can’t wait to see everything y’all score!

Pretty in Pink

Posted in Fashion
on November 25, 2016


Hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day yesterday!! Today I decided to put a little spin on my typical outfit posts and show you guys how I styled this pretty pink coat two different ways! Not only do they vary by style, but they’re also catered towards different climate temperatures. Play around with them, and make them your own! Both are super simple and extremely easy to recreate.

The coat that I featured in this post is actually from Old Navy! Crazy, right? It’s actually a decent-quality coat, and it was only $30. CRAZY, I KNOW. I have it linked here so you can go grab yourself one! Original retail price is $60 I believe, but with their sale it was half off. The sale is over for now, but on Black Friday Old Navy’s doing half off the entire store- so go get yourself one! They also have it in a few different colors as well! I snagged another one in the tan color.

Look #1


For look number one I played into the pink of the coat a little bit, by adding this weaved statement necklace from H&M. I threw on a fluffy black sweater and some black denim jeans, with some black booties to keep the focus on the pink. With this brown Birkin-style bag, I didn’t want to keep the outfit 80% black, so I played around with the tones in this bag to match the outfit. It’s all about preference! A white handbag would go super cute too. This outfit’s definitely super easy and comfortable for a cold winter day spend running errands. If you get cold, just throw on a few more layers and you’ll be good to go.

Look #2



The second outfit is a little more for those warmer winter days, when the sun’s out and it’s not super windy. You could definitely switch out the booties for a pair of thigh high boots if it’s a little colder where you are, too! I played with textures in this combination, with the wool coat, cable-knit sweater, corduroy skirt, and suede booties. I kept it pretty bare with the accessories, with the exception of this pretty accent earring. Pretty much all neutrals in this one, with a pop of color from the coat!

Let me know what you think of this style of post! See y’all soon!

P.S. Happy black Friday!! Hope y’all get all the deals 🙂 I’ll be showing y’all soon a post of everything I got, so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon!

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A Simple Saturday

Posted in Fashion
on November 23, 2016


Outfit Details

Army Jacket Target (Similar) | Black Tank Express | Jeans Nordstrom BP | Booties | Earrings Kendra Scott

I’ve been on the hunt for a military-inspired jacket for the longest time- they’re so perfect for both fall and spring! They’re so versatile, because the olive color can be easily combined with both fall and spring tones. Now that it’s fall, though, I thought it’d pair well with a pair of darker wash jeans & a black top. The whole look is so effortless!

I’m also absolutely in love with this pair of earrings- the stone is seriously so pretty! They’re by Kendra Scott, and Kendra’s also doing 20% off from now through Monday night online & in store, so if you like them go treat yourself! Link here. Just a precaution though: the Kendra website’s been a little janky today because of excessive traffic, so have patience & check back if it’s not working for you!

***PSA: Target’s doing 30% off all apparel for their Black Friday sale, so take advantage! This similar jacket’s on sale for only $28, so with the 30% off it comes down to only around $20- say whaaat?!

Let me know what you’ve been loving lately, I can’t wait to hear!!

Home Decor | College Edition

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 18, 2016


Today we’re taking a little break from all the OOTDs, and switching over to home decor- YAY!

It’s been about 3 months since I’ve moved into my house, and it’s finally all starting to come together! Today’s post is all about sharing with y’all how I went about decorating a functional and practical space during my junior year of college. Hopefully you can get some inspiration from simple things my roommates and I did to make the place a little more homey if you’re in need of a home makeover!

Warning: This post is super picture-heavy so get ready!! Also, almost everything from my room is from Target. What can I say, I just love Target so much!!! Cute + affordable = my best friend.


Fake Flowers Hobby Lobby | Candle TJ Maxx | Pumpkin H.E.B. | Painted Mason Jar DIY | Accent Pillows Anthropologie | Table Runner World Market | Furry Blanket Home Goods

Starting with the living room, all of our furniture actually came in the house, so we had the huge burden lifted off of our shoulders of having to worry about that. A common theme throughout the whole house has been focusing on little details that all tie together to make our house more homey. It can be kind of hard decorating with the styles and tastes of 4 people, but I think it all came together pretty nicely.




On to the kitchen!

Our kitchen doesn’t have a ton of decor or anything, but one of my roommates bought a few plants to go in the kitchen for a little pop of green. We’re always so bad about watering them though, I’m honestly surprised they’re still alive!


One of my roommates also got these chargers and placemats to go on our counter/dining table. We don’t have an actual dining table, but the apartment comes with some seats by the counter area, where we eat and occasionally do homework.

Welcome to my bedroom! Going along with the relatively simplistic theme of my house, my bedroom is pretty basic too. I hung up my two diamond boards from my sorority, and I have these lights strung on my walls. They’re from Target and I believe they were only around $10. We’re not supposed to nail holes into the walls, so I hung up almost everything with just Command strips- these babies seriously work miracles.

As with a lot of college dorms/apartments, we definitely don’t have too much counter space in the bathroom, so for the first time ever I had to move my makeup station over to my desk. It makes it a little more crowded than I’d like, but you gotta do what you gotta do! The letter sorter that I use for my palettes is from Target, and the brush organizer is from Ulta, I believe. I bought it so long ago, but I know they sell these almost everywhere now. I’ve seen them at places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for just around $10. Home Goods is definitely a great place for inexpensive decor too!

This Pumpkin Gingerbread candle smells absolutely amazing. Thank you Allie & Alexa!! 🙂


This tiny little area of my dresser right by my TV is just for my smaller studs and fine jewelry that I tend to wear more often. Keeping a little dish for my jewelry just makes it a lot more accessible, plus it’s a cute way of leaving it out without having random earrings everywhere! The little sign is a gift from my friend Tiffany from a few years back! I’m not exactly sure where it’s from, but Francesca’s has a ton of cute stuff like this as does Altar’d State.

I organize my jewelry with this little organizer I found at Michael’s. With a 50% coupon, I think it came out to around $10. They have a ton of options for jewelry organization, so I definitely recommend checking it out there since they have so many sales and coupons available.

Picture Frame Target | Pillows Target

My closet’s relatively simple. I have it organized by color, with all my basic tees and t-shirts stacked on the top shelf, with my boots lined up against the wall. Nothing special, but if y’all want a closet organization video just say the word and I’ll do it!

We don’t have a ton of decorations outside, but I snapped a few pictures of the fall decorations we have up still. I can’t wait for Christmas though! Christmas decorating is my absolute favorite thing. We’ve already finished all our Christmas decorations back home in Dallas and we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet…. oops!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I decorated my place for this year! I know it’s definitely not much, but if you’re in a similar situation where you don’t have a ton of real estate to work with you can get some inspiration from this. One big tip that I have for holiday decorations is buying more inexpensive decorations from places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and even the Dollar Tree. Every dollar store always has a ton of decor for every holiday, and it makes it easy to decorate without breaking the bank. Plus, if you have too much stuff like I do, you don’t feel too bad about tossing it after the holiday’s over and done with!

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you all very soon!