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Coffee with Me: A Little Life Update + Random Rambles

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on March 31, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! The past few months on my blog has been just fashion, fashion, fashion, so today I wanted to get a little more personal with y’all- a coffee date, if you will! 🙂 A lot has happened in the past few months, so I’m excited just to sit down and talk to you guys, girl to girl (or guy!) on a more casual, ramble-y level. I’ve always loved creative writing, which is one of my favorite parts about blogging, and I’ve definitely missed it in the swarm of fashion & beauty content on here! So grab a cup of coffee & a snack, today’s going to be a fun one!

Let’s start with a little life update- this semester’s definitely been an adventure, and I can’t even begin to wrap my head around the fact that I’ll be graduating from Texas A&M in just a few months. I feel like I just got here, and it’s already almost time to leave. This semester’s been a more calm one than others in some aspects, but also a crazy one in others. My school load’s been super doable this semester, but as my blog’s begun to pick up, it’s been crazy hard to keep up. Some days I find myself so stressed out about little things, because I want everything that I publish on my blog to be absolutely perfect. But more on this later- I said I would do a little life update first! (Side note: prepare for this post to be all over the place- that’s how my thoughts run! So all you Type A peeps- sorry for the rambling!) My semester officially ends in a little over a month, which is crazy- this semester feels like it just started! This summer I’ll be taking a class at my community college back home to ease up my last semester’s course load. On top of that, I found out a week ago that I’ll received the opportunity to intern with Fossil this summer back in Dallas, so I’m super pumped about that! I’ll be working with them as a Marketing Intern, so be prepared for looks with new watches this summer 🙂 As excited as I am to start this journey, I’m also pretty terrified! I interned with Target last summer, and it was definitely a learning experience, so I’m anxious/nervous/excited/scared/super pumped to take on this internship. I’m hoping to learn a lot this summer & I’m so excited to get started, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. All prayers appreciated!

In other news, I signed a lease to live with my sweet friend Haley for next semester, and boy am I excited!! Although it’s only going to be for a short 5 months, I have a really good feeling about this coming semester. It’s definitely going to be bittersweet, but I’m ready to finish off my 3.5 years at A&M with a bang! People say all the time that the people you meet freshman year are going to be your friends for all of college, but I’ve definitely met some of my closest friends during my junior year. So for all of you guys in your freshman year of college who have maybe struggled with making friends, don’t worry- there’s plenty of time! By the way, I’ve been thinking about maybe writing a blog post or two on college advice, and my experience being in college (picking a roommate/roommate problems, finding a balance, being away from home, etc.) – if any of y’all would be interested in reading those, definitely let me know! I know a lot of you are in college or about to be, so I would definitely be willing to do some advice posts if y’all want to read it.

As far as blog news goes, I’ve found that the more time I dedicate, the more I fall in love with this world of blogging. It’s still so insane to me that I’ve begun to build a community here with all of you- a lot of people may think that we’re just a bunch of girls giggling over some cute new shoes or a pretty shade of lipstick, but it’s so much more than that. Reading your comments always puts me in the best mood, and I’m excited to be growing our little community here & welcoming in new faces. As much as I love blogging, though, there are always downsides to everything. Since I am a relatively new & small blogger, the blog-timidation is real. After hours and hours of perfecting my site to exactly what I like & what I think looks great, oftentimes I read other bloggers’ sites and feel so little. I’m not hoping to become the next big blogger with millions of followers, but trying to grow a network is hard work, y’all! Sometimes I find myself so caught up in the numbers that I stress myself out and momentarily forget the whole reason that I’m doing this is for me, myself, and I. I have to stop and force myself to realize that yes, the blogging industry is huge, but when compared to genuine connections & being able to share the thing I love- fashion- with other girls out there just like me, follower count is so miniscule.

I find that a lot of times since I started blogging, it’s hard for me to realize that my phone is glued to my hand basically 24/7, and I can’t go anywhere with my boyfriend, family, or friends without updating my Instagram story or Snapchat. I’m always trying to think of cute new Insta pictures I can take, what clothes would look good with the wall color of the restaurant I’m going to, what items to order based on what would look “aesthetically pleasing,” …the list goes on and on. And let me tell y’all- I have no idea how some girls do it, but I am on the struggle bus when it comes to flat lays & taking the perfect artsy-fartsy picture. I sincerely hope that there are other people out there who feel the same way, because sometimes I drive myself crazy with trying to portray the perfect life. But sometimes life isn’t perfect. It’s taken me a long, long time to realize that when you see other influencers posts on social media, you’re merely looking through a tiny lens that shows you all of the things that are “post-worthy.” God did not intend for life to be perfect, and therefore, it isn’t. I’ve finally learned that I need to learn how to unplug, and cherish who I’m with & just enjoy their company. This is definitely something I’m working on, so we’ll see how it goes!

On a lighter note… Last week, I started working out + eating (semi) clean again! It’s been fun (surprisingly) getting back in the gym and focusing on putting things in my body that help it, not hold it back. I bought Karena & Katrina from Tone it Up’s 28 day plan book, so I’m planning on starting that April 1st- if anyone wants to join me, please do!! I’ve been updating my Insta stories with things I’m eating + my workouts, and it’s been fun getting messages from y’all about your journeys in getting fit + active. I’ve really been enjoying listening to audiobooks during my workouts, along with listening to different messages on The Porch app. The Porch is the college ministry at Watermark Church in Dallas, and their app has a ton of recorded messages that you can watch or listen to. If you’ve never heard of it, download the app! Each of their messages are about an hour long, so I’ll run on the track or hop on the stair-stepper, and the hour goes by so fast.

I definitely didn’t realize how long this post had gotten! I hope that y’all had fun reading today’s post, I definitely had a lot of fun talking with all of you. It’s always fun catching up with y’all, and I can’t wait to read each and every one of your comments! 🙂 If this is something y’all would like to see more often, let me know & I’d be happy to make these a series. Thanks so much for stopping by, kisses from College Station!! xoxo

When Life Gives You Lemons

Posted in Fashion, Outfits, Spring + Summer
on March 29, 2017


Wear a lemon printed romper! When I saw this adorable romper at Francesca’s I knew I had to have it- can we just take a moment and talk about how fun it is?! I’m in love! This outfit’s giving me serious summer time vibes, and I just want to plan a beach trip so I can have an excuse to break this romper out- even though let’s be honest, I’ll more than likely be wearing it nonstop anyway. Y’all know I’m a huge fan of color; I’ve never been one of those girls whose closets are 90% black, with a little mix of grey & white. I love color year round, so obviously spring & summer are my favorite seasons for fashion!

One of my fave outfit combos for spring and summer are a romper with my favorite (comfortable) wedges. As much as I love getting dolled up, I live for being comfortable! Y’all Texas girls know how unbearable the Texas heat can get, so even though I would love to be wearing jeans in the summer, I’m definitely not trying to sweat buckets after spending just 10 minutes outside!

This outfit would be perfect for dinner out with your gal pals, or any casual events you have going on this spring. Unfortunately Shop Style doesn’t support Francesca’s on their platform, so I’ve linked this romper here! I have, however, linked a similar style below with everything else from this look!

Have a great rest of your week, friends!!

The Perfect Date Night Romper

Posted in Fashion, Outfits, Spring + Summer
on March 24, 2017

It’s FRIDAY, y’all!!! Yay! Akash & I have a fun date night planned tonight & I wanted to share what I’ll be wearing with all of you guys. Now that Texas has decided to be 90 degrees every day, I’m so excited to be breaking out all the bright rompers & dresses. Today I’m partnering with the Mint Julep Boutique to show you guys this gorgeous romper & super fun reptile skin clutch!

I’m loving the silhouette of this romper, and the print too. So trendy & fun for spring/summer, and to top it off the elastic band makes it incredibly comfortable. This romper is perfect for a dressier date night, but it can also be dressed down super easily to be worn on a casual pool day as a coverup. Not to mention it’s under $50?!?

I paired this number with classic block heeled nude heels, and this clutch from Mint Julep as well. Y’all know I love pairing more fun pieces with classic and simple accessories, so this outfit is so me.

Mint Julep Boutique has a ton of super fun items for spring up on their website, and the best part is that they’re all super affordable! Plus, if you sign up for their emails, you’ll receive $10 off your first order- whaaaat?!

Hope y’all enjoyed today’s outfit, I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!! 🙂

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Gearing Up for Summer

Posted in Fashion, Outfits, Spring + Summer
on March 22, 2017


Is anyone else in disbelief that it’s already almost April?!? I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the year’s already 1/4 over- whatttt?!

With that said, summer’s right around the corner and y’all know what that means- beach days & sunshine 🙂 I always love getting ready for summertime- buying swimsuits, new shorts, new sandals, you name it. So today I thought I’d go ahead and put together a little collage for y’all of things I’m eyeing for this summer!

What’s better than a little shopping to make your hump day a little more exciting?

My Current Skincare Routine

Posted in Beauty, Skincare
on March 20, 2017

Happy Monday, guys!! Hope you’re all doing well 🙂 I just got back into College Station, and it feels incredibly good to be back. This past week was definitely much needed & appreciated- I feel 30x more refreshed and ready finish off this semester with a bang!

I love sharing my favorite skincare products in my Instagram stories, & I get questions all the time on my favorite products for dealing with problematic skin flare-ups. Hopefully today’s post will answer any and all questions you may have about my skincare routine + give you guys some recommendations for my all time favorite products to try out for yourselves!

A little bit of background before we dive completely in- I have pretty normal/combination skin, but I’m definitely acne-prone. I also have quite a bit of redness & acne scarring on my cheeks, so I’m always on the hunt for products to help me with my problem areas. I love trying out new skincare, so I’ve basically tried almost every cult favorite there is out there! Today I’m sharing my top favorites for my everyday skin routine, but if you’re looking for my favorite masks, I shared my fave masks here & my favorite Lush products here!

Kicking it off with my cleanser- I’ve used this cleanser alone for the past year or so, and I’ve repurchased this baby so many times! I love it for just an easy clean- it leaves my skin feeling extremely refreshed & clean!

Next up: toner. I’ve tried every toner under the sun, and this one is my favorite one! It’s affordable but does an awesome job. If you don’t use toner, start now!! Toner helps to even out your skin’s pH & also takes off any residue that’s left on your face.

**Night time: For my nighttime serum, I love this one from Sunday Riley. Sunday Riley products can get a little pricey, but they’re definitely worth the splurge. I’d definitely say that this product has made the biggest different in my skin, in combination with the next one I’m about to share!

I first heard about Good Genes in one of Sazan Hendrix’s skincare videos, and she raved about it. After I first watched her video, I suddenly started seeing it everywhere- I feel like this happens to me so often haha! But this treatment leaves my skin feeling SO refreshed & moisturized the next morning. Definitely a game changer!!

For the morning, though, I like to use a little bit thicker of a moisturizer so my skin is nice and prepped for makeup. The It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream works incredibly on my skin. It glides super nicely, and creates a great base for my makeup. Love love love it! Feels so luxurious, too!

As far as tools go, this Clarisonic is my ride or die. I’ve been using this bad boy for so many years, and I still love it! I switch out the heads about once a month, and he’s still going strong. Leaves my skin so fresh & clean.

My favorite makeup wipes are actually these from Costco! My mom & I buy them in bulk (and by bulk I mean a literal pack of like 20 lol) and we split them. Way cheaper, and these are actually my favorite ones that I’ve tried! I love how they’re not too wet, but wet enough to be effective in taking off my makeup before I get a chance to deep clean. I always keep a pack of these in my purse, too, for on the way home from school or work to take off my makeup.

I know I’ve said this SO many times, but taking off your makeup before bed is probably one of the best things you can do for your skin! Even if I have a late night out and all I want to do is sleep, I ALWAYS take the time to at least wipe my face with one of these. Better than nothing!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my favorite skincare products today! These products have made a huge difference in the appearance of my skin, so I’m hoping they’ll help some of you guys out too. It’s so incredibly important to take care of your skin, so treat your skincare as an investment in yourself!

See you all on Wednesday!! Muah!

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