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May 2017

My First Lash Extension Experience!

Posted in Beauty
on May 17, 2017

This post is in collaboration with Lash Savvy. All opinions are my own.

YOU GUYS. I finally did it- I got lash extensions and I am in LOVE. Y’all have been asking me left and right about if I’ve ever gotten them done before, and it sparked a little interest in me to try them out. Jessica from Lash Savvy was kind enough to invite me in for a service, and she was seriously the best! For everyone in the DFW area, check out her website here & go show her some love on Instagram (@lash_savvy). A few weeks ago I asked y’all to send over all the questions you have about lash extensions, and Jessica’s going to be answering the Q&A all in today’s post! Continue reading

Embroidered Jacket

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on May 15, 2017

This post is in collaboration with Shein. All opinions are my own.

Hello hello! 🙂 Hope you’re all having a wonderful day so far! The weather in Dallas has been super wonky the last few weeks- one day it’s sunny and approaching 95, the next day it’s rainy and 65. My mom’s always told me that during this time of year, it’s always safe to bring a jacket with you everywhere you go, so you’re prepared for whatever the weather throws at you! Continue reading

Introducing Someone Special

Posted in Fashion, Lifestyle, Outfits, Spring + Summer
on May 12, 2017

 Thank you to Melissa Joy Manning for collaborating with me for this post!

Being that this upcoming Sunday is indeed Mother’s Day, I knew I wanted to write a post dedicated to my incredible mama. So today, I’m teaming up with Melissa Joy Manning to introduce to all of you to the #1 lady in my life- meet my mom, Rachael! Continue reading

Life in Color

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on May 10, 2017

If this top doesn’t put you in a good mood, nothing will! Seriously, how fun is this hot pink?! I love color, but I’ve realized I tend to stray away from bright neons like this. I have no idea why, because the minute I put this top on I couldn’t stop staring. I might just have to pick it up in all 5 colors…. 🙂 Continue reading

Getting Summer Ready with PRODUCTPEEL

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on May 8, 2017

Okay real talk- everyone knows the struggle when you want to buy some super cute top online or new technology gadget, but you want to know what you’re getting yourself into before you shell out a ton of $$$. Y’all know I have a slight shopping problem, and more often than not I find myself just purchasing whatever I’m intrigued in and returning it later if it doesn’t work out. But the bad part is, that half the time I’ll use a product a few times, decide it doesn’t work for my skin, and then realize half the bottle’s already gone and therefore I can’t return it. The STRUGGLE.

Continue reading