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August 2017

The Perfect Travel Tote

Posted in Fashion, Mexico, Outfits, Spring + Summer, Travel
on August 30, 2017

Happy Wednesday, my friends! Hope all of you are having a good week so far- I’m writing to y’all currently from Dallas, and will be heading back to school tomorrow morning (hopefully- fingers crossed!) if weather permits. This past week has been absolutely crazy- but I’m so happy to be home & safe with my family. I know not all of us are so lucky, so my prayers are going out to everyone affected by the storm! On a happier note, I wanted to share this outfit with y’all today (featuring my absolute new favorite travel tote!), along with sharing some plans for the blog coming soon!


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Pink Tiered Maxi Dress

Posted in Belize, Fashion, Outfits, Spring + Summer, Travel
on August 28, 2017

Hello my friends!!! I know I always say I miss blogging when I go on tiny breaks, but today I SERIOUSLY mean it! Today’s blog post is all about this gorgeous dress I wore in Cozumel (that’s on sale for $20 right now… yes I’m serious & yes it’s going to sell out soon! Click below!) plus all the deets about what went on during the end of our trip!


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My Pool Essentials with Spindrift

Posted in Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Spring + Summer, Travel
on August 16, 2017

Happy hump day, babes! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to the week- I’ve missed you all dearly!! Today’s post is a fun one- we’re skipping the usual outfit post, and I’m sharing all my summertime essentials, including one super exciting one! If you know me in real life, you know I typically prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them. I’m so happy to have found a bubbly drink that I can enjoy without feeling guilty… say hello to Spindrift!!!

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Strapless Button-Down

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on August 11, 2017

Happy FRIDAY!!! You guys- today is a momentous occasion….I’m finally done with my internship and my two weeks of summer begin- EEK!!! This weekend will be jam-packed of doing a whole lot of nothing… and I’m definitely not mad about it. 😉 I’ll save y’all my typical “time’s gone by so fast” speech today and jump right into this outfit- it includes the cutest top ever!

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Pops of Print

Posted in Fashion, Outfits, Spring + Summer
on August 7, 2017

Hello, hello! Happy Monday, babes! Hope you all had a fun & relaxing weekend. I spent the majority of this past weekend planning out the rest of August + organizing blog content for the next few weeks. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the time has come- this week is my last week at my internship! Which means… summer is officially coming to a close. But y’all know of course I have to get in a few last minute summer looks before fall rolls around. 😉

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