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on November 20, 2017

IT’S HERE Y’ALL!!!! I’ve been working on this for forever which is why this post is super late, but I’m so excited to be sharing my ULTIMATE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE with y’all! I think I’ve covered pretty much everyone you’d have to shop for, with the exception of co-workers (I honestly didn’t know how to go about that one.. I’ve never had coworkers to gift before!) But hopefully this will help give y’all some inspiration with what to get your favorite people during this time of year! Continue reading

Pretty in Pink

Posted in Fall + Winter, Fashion, Outfits
on November 16, 2017

This month’s weather has been so strange… in the beginning of the month we were freezing our butts off with 50 degree days and now we’re back to 80 degree days. Oh, Texas… It’s pretty funny, though. When it gets cold, I miss the heat. When it gets hot, I pray for the cold to come back. Guess I’m just hard to please! Today I’m sharing another look that’s Texas weather-friendly.


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How to Get Out of a Blogging Rut

Posted in Blog Talks, Fall + Winter, Fashion, Life Talks
on November 13, 2017

Hi guys! I say this every time that I don’t write for a while, but I MISSED Y’ALL! I may or may not have noticed that I took about a 2 week hiatus from posting on the blog. To be totally honest, I’ve had a pretty bad case of blogging rut. For the past month or so, I haven’t been able to find inspiration to motivate me to create content. I think maybe it’s just because the past month or so has been jam packed with things outside of the blog- a new job, school, and at the same time trying really hard to pour into my friendships while I’m still in college. I haven’t had time to remember what it really is that I love about blogging. So here I am being real with y’all about it!

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My Fall Skincare Routine with Clarisonic

Posted in Beauty, Skincare
on November 2, 2017
Disclaimer: A few of the items in this post were sent to me by Clarisonic- as always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Happy FriYAY friends! Today I’m super excited to be sharing all about my fall/winter skincare routine with the help of my friends over at Clarisonic! I don’t know about y’all, but my skin tends to get super dry in the fall and winter months. I’ve found a couple products recently that have been really helping out my skin, so I wanted to share them with all of you!

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A Pop of Red

Posted in Fall + Winter, Fashion, Outfits
on November 2, 2017

Happy happy Wednesday! I’m writing today’s post while pretending to pay attention in class… but that’ll be our secret. This past Monday I was able to shoot a ton of looks for the blog, YAY! I’m super excited to start rolling them out. Today’s post is going to be just a good old outfit post- get excited!

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