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Back to Basics Series

BTB Series #2: Black Lace Tank

Posted in Back to Basics Series, Fall + Winter, Fashion, Outfits
on October 16, 2017

I totally just wrote this entire post & then accidentally clicked out of the window without saving… so here I am re-writing it! A week ago today I shared my first installment of the BTB series. Today I’m bringing y’all #2, sharing another way to style this black lace tank! This look is a lot more casual, and appropriate for everyday. I’ve been wearing it non-stop, with a few adjustments here and there!

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BTB Series #1: Black Lace Tank

Hi babes! Hope your Wednesday’s off to a good start. Today I’m continuing a series that I started a whole year ago, and decided to bring back: back to basics! Basically how this is going to go down is every time you see a post that starts with “BTB,” I’ll be sharing a wardrobe essential that every girl needs. Then, I’ll feature that wardrobe essential and show y’all two or more ways that you can style it Today I’m starting with this black lace tank!

I’ve found that the outfits y’all love most are the ones that everyone can wear on an everyday basis. I definitely want to start incorporating more everyday pieces that you can style different ways!

P.S.: I’m so sorry this tank is actually sold out, but I’ll let y’all know as soon as it’s back! On another note, I started a Shop My Closet Instagram over at @shopwls if anybody wants to take some things off my hands. 🙂

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