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How to Get Out of a Blogging Rut

Posted in Blog Talks, Fall + Winter, Fashion, Life Talks
on November 13, 2017

Hi guys! I say this every time that I don’t write for a while, but I MISSED Y’ALL! I may or may not have noticed that I took about a 2 week hiatus from posting on the blog. To be totally honest, I’ve had a pretty bad case of blogging rut. For the past month or so, I haven’t been able to find inspiration to motivate me to create content. I think maybe it’s just because the past month or so has been jam packed with things outside of the blog- a new job, school, and at the same time trying really hard to pour into my friendships while I’m still in college. I haven’t had time to remember what it really is that I love about blogging. So here I am being real with y’all about it!

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A Pop of Red

Posted in Fall + Winter, Fashion, Outfits
on November 2, 2017

Happy happy Wednesday! I’m writing today’s post while pretending to pay attention in class… but that’ll be our secret. This past Monday I was able to shoot a ton of looks for the blog, YAY! I’m super excited to start rolling them out. Today’s post is going to be just a good old outfit post- get excited!

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GameDay Ready with Live Love Gameday

Posted in Fall + Winter, Fashion, Outfits
on October 30, 2017

Happy Monday, y’all!!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I’m so excited to be back to business after a little weekend hiatus from all things blog + social media. It was seriously so nice to take a little break and step back from keeping up with everything blog-related, and now I’m feeling super inspired and ready to hit the ground running again! 🙂 Today I’m bringing y’all a more casual style post, all about how to get gameday ready with the help of my friends over at Live Love Gameday! Continue reading

Pumpkin Patchin’

Posted in Bryan/College Station, Fall + Winter, Fashion, Outfits
on October 25, 2017

Hey hey! I may or may not be currently writing this blog post in class while I should probably be paying attention…🤷🏻‍♀️ Oh well! I finished my finance exam this morning and since then I’ve officially checked out for the week! Last week Akash & I took a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Pumpkin Patch in Bryan, and shot some really cute pics! Of course I had to share allll the outfit details!

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Easy Winter Outfit with Red Dress Boutique

Posted in Fall + Winter, Fashion, Outfits
on October 20, 2017

Helloooooo, my friends & happy FRIDAY!! Today’s blog post is going up a little later than usual, but I’m excited because 1.) this is one of the rare times that a blog post isn’t scheduled previously, and I get to write & publish right after. And 2.) I get to share with y’all one of my FAVE boutiques, Red Dress Boutique!

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