Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

This month’s weather has been so strange… in the beginning of the month we were freezing our butts off with 50 degree days and now we’re back to 80 degree days. Oh, Texas… It’s pretty funny, though. When it gets cold, I miss the heat. When it gets hot, I pray for the cold to come back. Guess I’m just hard to please! Today I’m sharing another look that’s Texas weather-friendly.


I just got back to Plano for the holidays, and it’s so nice to be home! The past few weeks have just zoomed by, and I feel like it just keeps going faster. As of today there’s officially one month until graduation, and I know I’m just going to blink and that will be here too, LOL. Do y’all have any fun plans for Thanksgiving this year? I don’t have anything special planned, but I’m just excited to be home with my family!

In other news, I started watching Empire a few days ago and I’m obsessed!! I’ve finished 3 seasons in less than a week… some people could say I have a problem. But it’s just SO DANG GOOD. I only have about 5 episodes left, so if anyone has any good show suggestions send ’em on over! This week I have a whole lotta plans with my couch & TV, haha.

Anyway hope y’all like this post- hopefully next week I’ll be coming at y’all with a vlog! (Fingers crossed, I’ll do my best.)


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