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My Summer Wish List

Posted in Fashion
on April 19, 2017

Summer’s almost here- YAY! Unfortunately for me, my summers of endless pool days and hanging out with friends are long gone, but on the bright side I have 2 weeks before the start of my internship to have some fun! I’m also SO pumped about all the trends coming around this summer- I just can’t have enough tassels or pom poms, y’all! Continue reading

Dreaming of Summer

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on April 14, 2017

We’re at that time of year where I begin dreaming of sand between my toes & wind in my hair, sitting on a beach drinking fruity goodness… but I guess for now a day at the pool will have to do! Summer time is one of my favorite times of year for fashion because of all the bright, fun colors. If it was up to me, I would make bright colors a year-round thing!

It was love at first sight when I saw this bag- who’s with me?! Tassels are huge this season, so I couldn’t resist getting this baby. The best part- it’s under $40!!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a pretty simple girl- this outfit is definitely no exception! Both this top and bag are from Lulu’s, and I already know I’ll be wearing this top non-stop through spring and summer. My style often consists of super classic & simple pieces, with a little pop of color or something more bold.

Do any of y’all have plans for Easter weekend? Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it back home this Easter, because I have a jam-packed weekend of work & catching up on school. Y’all- I just registered for my LAST semester of college, and had my last appointment with my advisor. It’s all becoming so real!! Soon I’ll be sending in my application for graduation too. I’ve been thinking about doing a college advice post- would any of y’all be interested in that? If yes- send me questions or topics that you’d like me to cover!

Anyway, hope all of you have an awesome weekend- happy Easter to those who celebrate!! ❤️

Outfit Details

Top Lulu’s // Shorts Abercrombie & Fitch (UNDER $30!!) // Wedges Steve Madden // Crossbody Lulu’s // Necklace Jennifer Zeuner

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The Perfect Dress for Easter

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on April 10, 2017


Hello friends!! I’m racing against time as I’m writing this with my last 3% of battery on my computer- I left my laptop charger back home in Dallas, but I didn’t want to leave y’all without a post tomorrow, so here’s hoping I finish before my laptop dies!

With Easter coming up this week, I wanted to share this pretty little number with y’all! I’m sure if you follow fashion blogs, you’ve seen this similar dress with puffy sleeves & lace detailing. Buuuut, I found this dupe for less than $40- crazy!! You get the exact same look, but for so much less. I love the lace detailing on it- it makes it so feminine & flirty, & the white is so crisp.

I paired it with my fave wedges of the season, & kept the accessories simple with just a plain light pink crossbody & my fave earrings. So simple + effortless, but fun for spring & perfect for all your Easter festivities!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend- I picked up a TON of things while I was back home, so I can’t wait to shoot them all for you this week! Have a great week, friends!! xoxo

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Gorgeous Hair

Posted in Beauty
on April 5, 2017

I definitely don’t consider myself to have any sort of expertise in the hair department, but after doing my hair for so many years, I’ve definitely developed a routine that (in my opinion) works really well, and gives me the style that I want. I get questions all the time about how I curl my hair, my favorite products, etc., so today I’m spilling the beans & sharing all my favorite hair products! These babies are products that I purchase time & time again, because they do wonders for my hair.

You’ll pretty much find my hair in one of three hairstyles- air dried/straight, beach waves,  or thrown up in a bun. I’m pretty boring when it comes to hair, as I’m sure y’all have noticed in my posts! I was blessed with straight hair, so fortunately I never really have to worry about running a straightener through my hair, which is pretty neat.

So now that y’all have a little background info about my hair type, let’s get into the goodies!

My go-to hot tool for beachy waves or big curls is my 1.5 inch curling iron from Hot Tools. I use the clamp through about half of my hair, and I use it as a wand for the other half- I personally like to alternate styles, so that I don’t end up with big chunks sticking together. I bought this curling iron more than 2 years ago, and it’s still going strong. I’m not crazy about spending hundreds of dollars on a hair tool, but I also don’t recommend using the super inexpensive ones that you find at Walmart- they can be super damaging to your hair, so it’s better to be safe! If you shop at Ulta during their sale events, you can get this curling iron for as low as $30 sometimes.

I always curl my hair in 2 parts- the bottom half first, then the top. I find that this makes it easier, and I also spray the bottom layer right after curling it, so it doesn’t fall in the time that it takes me to curl the top half. I’ve been loving this Kristin Ess hairspray- it’s super light & not too crunchy. Plus it has a nice scent, so I’m not suffocating after spraying it!

If needed, I also use dry shampoo before curling my hair. I personally hate the feeling of dirty hair, so I wash my hair more than I probably should- but this dry shampoo is awesome! It’s a little pricier than other dry shampoos, but it works super well. Another one I love is the Batiste dry shampoo. As you can see, I have black hair, so one of the most annoying things is having a white cast in my hair after using dry shampoo. Both of these are super easy to work into your hair, without leaving any white powder (nobody likes that dandruff look, am I right?)

Last but not least, I run a little oil into the ends of my hair to prevent them from drying out. Using heat products can be super damaging, so I always make sure to run some oil through my ends. I love the MoroccanOil treatment, and I use this stuff all the time- it leaves my hair silky smooth and it smells amaze-balls.

Last but not least, I like to run a brush through my hair to loosen the waves a little for a more natural look- my favorite is the Wet Brush! Having super long & thick hair can be a real pain sometimes, and this brush is my savior. It also works super well for dispersing the oil so I don’t have greasy-looking hair.

And voila! You’re done! Like I said, I’m definitely not a huge hair enthusiast, but this hair routine allows me to get the hairstyle that I want without having to spend hours primping. I like saving my time for my makeup routine 😉

How I Stay Organized

Posted in Lifestyle
on February 15, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends!! I hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday, and were showered with the love you deserve! Akash & I had a super romantic dinner at Christopher’s in College Station, and the food was amazing. I’m already looking forward to the leftovers I’m going to have for lunch! Now that all the Valentine’s Day posts are done with, I’m switching the gears a little bit today & we’re talking all about how I attempt to stay organized.

Sometimes life gets a little crazy! You have what seems like a bajillion things going on, a gazillion things to do- it can definitely be overwhelming! A lot of times I find myself feeling like I’m doggy paddling in an ocean spanning miles and miles long. With keeping up with an 18 credit hour schedule this semester, keeping up with my extracurricular organizations, posting content on my blog three times a week, trying to maintain a social life, and holding onto the very last thread of attempting to be healthy, it can get exhausting! Now that I’m a junior in college, I feel like I’m starting to get my sh*t together (at least most of the time.) I’ve come up with some key tips that help me, and hopefully they’ll help you out too!

Use a planner.

Actually utilize your planner- I’m not talking about just occasionally jotting down your exams or your big dates. Write everything down! When you have a ton of stuff going on, it can be easy to remember the small things. My planner is my life. I write down everything, down to what I’m planning to eat that day, what time I’m going to work out, along with everything I have to do for the day. And don’t just write it down- check it! I know sometimes I can be a little forgetful when it comes to actually following my planner and what I wrote down, but really following it is the only way it really works! Once you get into the habit, you’re golden.


Sometimes you have to make tough decisions! Is this blog post that I have to get up today more important or is this homework assignment due tomorrow more important? Figure out what your priorities are, and plan accordingly. Sometimes we can be blinded by putting things we want to do above the things we need to do, and without prioritizing, it can be easy to give in.

Plan specific times to plan!

Some people may say this is totally unnecessary, but I definitely think this is essential. I’m not talking about going above and beyond with decorating your planner with washi tape & stickers (for you girls who can keep up with this, props to you! I’m just not one of those people.) Every Sunday afternoon, I sit down and plan out what I have to do for the week- which days I’m working out, which day I have to go grocery shopping, what days I’m grabbing lunch with friends. This lets me have a good idea of what each day’s going to be like, and shows me if there’s anything big happening that week that I need to prepare for.

Keep your space clean.

When I’m back home in Dallas, I’m really bad about this one. Sorry, Daddy! But when I’m in College Station, 9 times out of 10 you’ll find my apartment spotless, with everything in it’s place. How can you expect your life to be organized if you can’t even keep your own living space organized? I plan out times each week to do my laundry, and to clean my room. There’s something so soothing about just having a clean room.

So, real talk. Let’s be honest, not everyone has time every day to keep things right in their places and have all their sh*t together, right? I definitely don’t! More often than not, I find my bedroom looking like a tornado blew through, and my planner is filled with 999 things to do and none of them have been completed yet. And you know what? That’s okay! I just want to remind all of you that it’s okay to not always have everything perfect, because nobody’s perfect. Sometimes I realize I’m beating myself up for not having everything together, but we all have to realize that sometime’s life’s crazy and you won’t have it all together- and that’s okay. Just take a breath, and realize that everything’s going to be okay. Hopefully some of these tips can help y’all take a step toward staying organized & keeping your life clutter-free, but just remember that nobody’s perfect 24/7!

See you on Friday, my loves!