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Posted in Beauty, Fashion, Gift Guides, Lifestyle, Makeup, Skincare
on November 20, 2017

IT’S HERE Y’ALL!!!! I’ve been working on this for forever which is why this post is super late, but I’m so excited to be sharing my ULTIMATE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE with y’all! I think I’ve covered pretty much everyone you’d have to shop for, with the exception of co-workers (I honestly didn’t know how to go about that one.. I’ve never had coworkers to gift before!) But hopefully this will help give y’all some inspiration with what to get your favorite people during this time of year! Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted in Lifestyle
on June 14, 2017

Hi y’all!! As y’all (hopefully) know, Father’s Day is coming up this weekend! For everyone who hasn’t picked up their Father’s Day gift yet, I’ve got y’all covered.

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