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Lace-Up Everything

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on April 17, 2017

Give me lace-up everything! This is definitely one of my favorite trends of the season, and I seriously can’t get enough. The best part about this outfit? This dress is under $20!!! Yes, $20! I want to start incorporating more affordable pieces sprinkled throughout my blog posts, so keep an eye out for some more inexpensive looks!

This entire outfit is under $100! I’m in love with this pair of Marc Fishers that I found at Ross, for under $30. I love shopping at stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, & Marshalls. Shopping at bargain stores is for sure hit or miss, but I always find so many goodies most times that I go! The only bad part is that I can’t link these exact shoes for y’all, but definitely check by your local Ross to see if they still have these babies in stock.

How was everyone’s Easter weekend?! Mine was unfortunately spent sick in bed… I had a cold all weekend & was bedridden for the past 3 days, ugh. There’s seriously nothing worse than being sick, especially since I always get sick at the  worst times. Akash & I originally had a trip to Austin planned, but unfortunately it didn’t work out since I could barely leave the house to go grocery shopping. Anyway, I hope you all had a blessed weekend spent with everyone you love! This week’s going to be a busy one- your girl’s got 3 exams and a presentation this week. Happy Monday, friends!

Flirty & Feminine

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on February 23, 2017

Something about embroidered details just gives me all sorts of heart eyes! This dress is no exception, either. This dress reminds me so much of children’s dresses, and I have to admit, I’m digging it! The whole look is so soft, and fresh- so simple yet fun! This combo is perfect for a lunch date, or church on Sunday morning.

The weather in Texas lately has been bezerk!! One day it’s 80 degrees and then the next it’s 50 degrees.. I guess that’s Texas in a nutshell. How’s everyone’s week going so far??

See you all tomorrow!

My Springtime Uniform

Posted in Fashion, Outfits
on February 9, 2017

When in doubt, a white tee and skinny jeans will never fail you. These are words I live by, y’all. On this blog we talk a lot about what to wear on fancy date nights and “casual” brunches with our girlfriends, but let’s be real- sometimes the truth is that ain’t nobody got time for that.

I love dressing up just as much as the next girl, but some days you just don’t have the patience to deal with wrinkled tops & uncomfortable heels. So today, we’re kicking it down a few notches- yay! This outfit is my absolute go-to for whenever I need something quick, easy, & (most importantly) comfortable.

When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re also more confident in yourself! Simplicity, in my opinion, is the key to looking chic & effortless. Less is more, people, less is more.

The key to dressing for spring weather is layering. My mom’s always told me that when spring rolls around you always have to be careful with dressing too warm- you never know when you’re going to step outside after work and see that it’s pouring outside & 30 degrees cooler than that morning! This leather jacket makes it easy to be warm in cooler weather, but if it gets warm, take it off- easy peezy!

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