Transitioning into Fall

Transitioning into Fall

Fall vibes are all around in Texas! Even though it still gets to 90 degrees outside on some days, we get 60 degree mornings and in Texas that’s a BIG deal. Today I want to talk all about transitioning your summer pieces into fall! In areas like Texas where it stays warm until about November (sometimes even later) we can’t always jump the gun & pull out heavy sweaters and boots. But, we all love fall fashion & don’t want to give that up. Enter: transition pieces!

A question I get asked a lot is, “how do you manage to buy so many new clothes every season? Do you just leave clothes that are out of season in the past and never wear them again?” The answer is NO. Take, for example, this red gingham top was one of my faves this summer. I wore it all the time with high waisted shorts and sandals this summer. It’s also currently on sale for under $25! I love it so much and don’t want to stop wearing it just because fall’s here.

It was really easy to transition this top into a more fall-appropriate look just by pairing it with this corduroy skirt and some classic black heels. The key to transitioning summer pieces into fall is by playing with tones and textures. While in the summertime I would have worn this top with, let’s say, white high-waisted denim shorts. You can make this outfit much more seasonally appropriate just by pairing it with more fall-like pieces. For every one of your favorite summer tops or shorts, you can totally mix it up just by wearing them in different ways! Take your favorite denim shorts and pair it with a fun fall flannel. Or your beloved crop top & throw on some high waisted jeans with a blazer!

What are some of your fave fall transition pieces? I’d love to know! Thanks so much for reading, friends- see you all on Friday!



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